Frequently Asked Questions

I have booked a flight, but have not yet received my confirmation email.

I Want That Flight provides airfare comparison to help you choose the best airfare, but does not take bookings. You will have made your booking on one of our partner sites, and if you contact them you will be able to obtain another copy of your booking confirmation. If you cannot remember which site you booked through, you will be able to check your credit card statement to see who you booked through.

I would like to alter/cancel a flight booking/add extra baggage or alter the booking.

I Want That Flight cannot alter your booking, but the company that you booked through will be able to help. Depending on the fare that you bought, there may be additional charges to alter your booking.

I'd like to find out more about I Want That Flight

Check out our About Us page.

I would like to email you my flight request to see if you can give me the best price

All our fares are on the website - we don't have any special fares that are not already available (no harm in asking).

You say that there are no Credit Card fees - yet I have been charged a CC fee on my airfare

I Want That Flight is 100% free to use, we do not charge any fees. When you purchase your airfares from the supplier site you may be charged a credit card fee depending on the payment option that you choose. We allow you to select your payment option in the 'Filters' so you get an accurate final price. While we try to keep up with any changes to CC fees charged by suppliers, we cannot be held responsible for any differences.

How do I set an alert so I am sent an email once the price of my flights drop?

We have a walkthrough about Setting Price Alerts.

I saw a low price on IWantThatFlight, but when I went to the supplier site it had increased.

Airfares change in price all the time and sometimes in the time it takes for the airfare to be displayed on IWantThatFlight and being sent to the supplier site the airfare has changed price. Other times, the supplier has sent an erroneous fare price to IWantThatFlight and when it comes to purchasing the airfare the supplier cannot provide it at the price. We cannont be held responsible for airfare prices sent to us by suppliers.

If your question is not covered, then please Send Us an Email